What is a homophone?

By Ashley | How To Pronounce

Oct 08

NEW VIDEO: What is a homophone?

Have you ever wondered ‘what is a homophone?’; have you ever wished that you knew how to pronounce homophones in order to avoid being misunderstood? Well in this video, these are exactly the thing to do.

What is a homophone?

Homophones are quite simply words that sound exactly the same but have very different meanings.

And there are many, many, many of them. For instance:

‘court’ and ‘caught’

So ‘court’ as in ‘a court room’ and ‘caught’ as in ‘I caught a cold’ or ‘I caught someone before they ran away’.

And because there are so many of them you’ll be surprised at just how many people mispronounce these homophones and then they wonder why they aren’t understood in live speech or they wonder why people ask them to repeat themselves.

5-Part Series all about homophones

So I thought I’d make a five part series all about the most common homophones and how to pronounce them see you can avoid those sorts of mistakes.

‘pore’, ‘paw’, ‘pour’ and ‘poor’

And today we’re gonna focus on the word ‘pore’ or should I say the words ‘pore’ so we can have ‘pore’ as in ‘the pores of our skin’ we can ‘poor’ as in ‘a poor person’ – someone who is financially poor – we can have ‘paw’ as in ‘a dogs paw or a cats paw’, or we can have ‘pour’ as in ‘to pour water’.

And you may have noticed that I said all of those four words, that have four very different meanings, in exactly the same way: so I said a /p/ at the beginning with your two lips coming together /p/ and then I used the vowel sound /or/. So even though ‘poor’ is spelt very differently to ‘paw’ ‘pour’ and ‘pore’ they sound, for a standard British English speaker exactly the same. So they start with that /p/ sound and then they’re made with the vowel sound /or/ where the lips are rounded in the vowel sound is very long – ‘poor’.

Have a listen to the video (2:07):

‘I am financially very’

‘would you pour the water?’

‘look at my dogs paw’

‘I can see every pore of my skin’

So, what is a homophone? Homophones are quite simply words that sound exactly the same but have very different meanings.

What next?

If you’d like some more help with how to pronounce the /or/ vowel sound then click here and it’ll take you to another video.

But if you’d like to learn more about homophones and how to pronounce them see you can avoid any embarrassing mistakes then why don’t you click here and download a free e-book that I created that works primarily on the pronunciation of the /or/ sound and four other commonly mispronounce vowel sounds. But what I send you two days after you download the e-book is a free gift that contains all of the most common homophones with audio and descriptions about how to make the sound.

what is a homophoneSo why don’t you click here, download that free ebook get started on these five most commonly mispronounced vowel sounds and then wait for that free gift and really start to make improvements with your common mispronounced homophones.

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