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The Crash Course

Do you often have to repeat yourself?

Chances are your 'vowel groups' are mixed up.​

Once you know which group a word belongs to, you'll be speaking it with complete confidence.

The Crash Course focuses only on the 850 most common English words, so you know you'll be making the biggest impact on your speech faster than ever.

Consonants Audio Course

Are there some sounds that seem massively different to your native pronunciation?​

We've taken the most commonly-mispronounced consonants in English and created a simple, 5-Day Audio Course to help you master these unfamiliar sounds.

Vowels Audio Course

Want to work on the trickiest English vowels in a simple way?

Follow this 5-Day Audio Course to get clear on the pronunciation of the most crucial vowel sounds in British English.

Nato Phonetic Alphabet

The Complete
IELTS Pronunciation Guide

If you think you need 'perfect pronunciation' to excel in the IELTS Speaking Test ... you're wrong.

The IELTS Complete Pronunciation Guide will lead you through the most crucial aspects of English pronunciation and intonation, so you can walk into that test (or an everyday conversation) with confidence.

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