3 Reason NOT To Get Coaching

By Ashley | Uncategorized

Feb 27

You know that there are times when pronunciation coaching is NOT the right solution, don't you? Find out the 3 top reasons why not to get coaching in voice, speech, accent or elocution.

After a decade of coaching, I think I’ve learned when it makes sense to hire a coach and when it doesn’t. And sometimes it really doesn’t make sense. I know that statement doesn’t sound like the world’s best business strategy. But experience has taught me that there are some failsafe reasons why coaching won’t help, which is why I sometimes turn away some requests.

Here they are:

#1 I only need the skills for 5% of my life

Think about it - if you ONLY spend 5% of your life speaking in English or needing to be clearly understood, there might be less time-consuming and much cheaper ways to improve your speech or pronunciation. Search YouTube for some gurus on the subject, google relevant books or e-learning materials, subscribe to a couple of bloggers who know their stuff. You’ll be surprised at what’s out there. I've even got some free downloads that might help. CLICK HERE to check them out:

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#2 Here today - gone tomorrow!

Some people live in the moment and they take life as it comes. For others, they have a game-plan. And if that plan means that those new skills are only needed for a couple of months or a year at the most, because you're changing job where speaking isn’t a top priority, or you're emigrating to another country and will be speaking a different language or you're retiring and have better and more exciting things to be doing - then keep your money in your bank account and gear up for the big change!

#3 I’ve been told I need ‘work on my speech’ !?

Whether it’s a friend, partner, family member, well-meaning colleague or boss, being told to do anything tends not excite anyone. Worst than that is when you feel you should do something because it’s the ‘done’ thing. Maybe that’s the ethos or culture of the company you work for or environment you find yourself in. Either way, you probably won’t really engage with the learning and make any real progress because learning anything has to come from a real, genuine desire to change and improve and without that personal motivation coaching tends to fall flat on its face.

WAIT... Why you SHOULD get some coaching!

However, there are some perfect reasons why coaching is the ideal next step to help springboard you into success. And why, without some handholding, you’re destined to stay lost in the Bermuda Triangle of unclear speech and pronunciation.

Here they are:

#1 Been there, done that, BUT the T-Shirt doesn’t fit!

So you’ve scoured the internet for tips, tricks, blog posts, videos, ebooks and free online courses but you’re still stuck. And it may not be because the content of those tips and tricks is wrong or misguiding but simply because you’re more of a practical learner and need someone to walk you through step-by-step and help you to know what’s stopping you from making progress and how to get there. So getting some human advice makes a lot of sense.

#2 You feel held back from reaching your potential

I know this for myself - it’s the reason I got in to this profession, because there’s nothing quite like feeling your capacity for achieving something great but not quite knowing how to overcome the obstacles. So getting some coaching can really help you to name those struggles, to galvanise you into action and lead you directly to achieving your potential.

#3 Just because you want to!

I’ve helped some incredible people, from all walks of life, and those that make the most progress are those that really want it. So whether it’s for professional reasons or because you want to be a better role model for your child or children or because you’ve always wanted to and now you’ve got the time to do something just for yourself, that desire is the stuff that will enable you to really make proper use of some one-to-one tuition and change those habits.

So, if you found that useful scroll down, hit the thumbs up or thumbs down, leave a comment. If you're interested in getting some more info about coaching then CLICK HERE and let me know how I might help you.


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