Need More Help?

You're in the right place. There are various things we can offer you, depending on how much personal help you want.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Extended Resources vs. Complete Roadmap

The new Video Lessons and Extended Resources (these ones) are currently completely free of charge.

We have many 'COMING SOON' video lessons: we will release these videos over the coming weeks for free. 

Purchasing any of our existing trainings will not give you access to any more videos (or Extended Resources).

(they're not ready yet, and at the moment they are free anyway!)

The Complete Roadmap training (see 2 and 3 below) is not the same thing as these new video lessons: it is a single 320-page PDF eBook, with separate audio files.

The Complete Roadmap is our most complete training available, and it's amazingly effective – just bear in mind that the Complete Roadmap Training does not have any video lessons, and the audio files are separate, not embedded (because there are over 12 hours of them – but don't worry, they are very easy to navigate).

The Complete Roadmap Training does, however, offer a lot more than you'll get in the small Extended Resources that accompany the new Video Lessons.

If you're curious, check out the link in options 2 or 3 below, and see if it's for you.

With Personal Help

1. I need personal guidance on one particular topic

Have you clicked on one of our new Video Lessons (or the Extended Resources) to get personal feedback on one particular topic?

Get some Expert Feedback!

With this option, you will send a recording in to us for personalised audio feedback. You'll get a spoken audio recording where your EPR Coach listens to your recording, giving specific feedback and recommendations on how to improve. 

You can even buy a bundle to receive feedback on multiple topics.

2. I need a complete assessment of my speech, with guidance on how to improve

If this sounds like you, then head to the Complete Roadmap page and read about the Premium or Premium + Consultation options.

With the Assessment, you get sent a PDF report from an EPR Certified Coach that details your precise habit for every sound and topic, with guidance on how to improve.

You can also opt for an additional 30min consultation with your coach.

Practise Independently

3. I want to work by myself for now

The Complete Roadmap training is a 320-page self-coaching PDF guide with 12+ hours of audio, which holds your hand to help you identify where you're going wrong and how to become clearer and more confident with each and every sound and topic of British English pronunciation.

Plus, it comes with free membership to our Private Facebook Community, where you can ask us any questions about English pronunciation and intonation. Don't like Facebook? We also offer email support.

4. I'm not ready for all that yet – what's a good free resource to begin with?

Our Crash Course is a free resource that guides you through one of the most important principles you need to understand to master English pronunciation: Lexical Sets.


Click the link above and you can sign up for free access to this, along with email updates (we don't spam you, but you can unsubscribe at any time, of course).