How To Speak With Fluency and Impact In Standard British English

AlexandraRussian, Medical Researcher

... I'm very lucky and grateful to have this book, you can't underestimate how useful it is.

Not only it helped me to reduce my accent but also it boosted my confidence while speaking. It also helped me to identify my weak sounds and work on them harder so my speech sounds natural and effortless now.

 Master Word Stress & Sentence Stress 

Identify the patterns and rhythms of British English –

5+ hours of audio

 ... does this sound familiar?

"I'm so frustrated with always being asked to repeat myself..."

"I'm so self-conscious when I speak..."

"I feel I'm not being taken seriously because people struggle to understand me..."

"I've spoken English for years, and I can't seem to make any changes"

FACT: Communication is the most desired ... but least common skill 1

1 Bloomberg Business Report, 2015

When you consider that almost everyone struggles with communicating their message, it's a bit of a 'kick in the teeth' to have the extra frustration of struggling with English pronunciation, and not having any idea how to fix it:

Ashley HowardCo-Founder & Author: English Pronunciation Roadmap


EVERYONE should be able to communicate with confidence!

After researching existing resources, I realised that there was a 'gaping hole' in a lot of them:

They spend so much time on vowels & consonants, that they hardly cover anything to do with intonation!

Having coached thousands of people across 6 continents, I know how challenging it can be for people to master the rhythm, stress and intonation of British English accurately and fluently.

Having heard the pronunciation habits of speakers from across the globe, I put together a comprehensive guide for EVERY aspect of British English Intonation. I included the most effective techniques and exercises that you can use to fix these habits. 

I called it, 'The Complete Pronunciation Roadmap' for Intonation​.

Linda N Foreign Language Correspondent, German

The English Pronunciation Roadmap eBook is the most helpful of English learning materials I've come across. I worked before with other resources, books as well as PDFs, and even though some of them were good, none of them were as comprehensive and coherent as your material.

Here's What You'll Get Immediate Access To:

  • ​​Finally, a clear and thorough description of what 'stress' really means: discover why it's important and how it could be making you misunderstood
  • Helpful stress patterns for prefixes and suffixes - for example, are you incorrectly stressing words ending in 'eer', or words starting with 'non'?
  • How to ensure you're not OVER-pronouncing words by following my guidance on elision & contractions
  • Understand and hear the MASSIVE difference in rhythm created by long and short vowels
  • Learn about how to ask a question in British English
  • Learn how Brits use intonation to convey different attitudes and emotions
  • Learn how we use pitch and rhythm to indicate we are quoting, listing, paraphrasing, expanding on a statement, ...
  • ... and much, much more!

Warning: Don't work on your pronunciation without any work on INTONATION ...

Think about it ...

Perhaps you have a perfect, 'textbook' pronunciation of every vowel and consonant.

But when it comes to conversation, do you know how to effectively use your voice in British English to say what you really mean?

Chances are, if you haven't worked on intonation before, you'll be in for a lot of surprising discoveries about how we link our words together and use pitch, rhythm and pace to make an impact when we speak.

If you don't understand the FULL PICTURE, then conversations won't be as satisfying: People may be struggling to understand not just what you're saying, but the real meaning behind it. 

(Just ask the hundreds of clients who have come to me confused and frustrated with their previous attempts at working on their speech.​)


Train your intonation

the right way, first time.

– Are you using the 3 important 'linking sounds' ... or do you create unnecessary gaps between words?

– Is your habitual speech stress-timed or syllable-timed? 

– Are you incorrectly stressing simple words for numbers, places or people?

Discover all of this, and more, with my proven training system:

learn how to pick the right words to stress in a sentence

follow exercises and examples for each specific feature of intonation

descriptions, clear illustrations and 5+ hours of studio-quality audio at every step

Powerful, tried-and-tested training strategies



Speak with fluency & impact by mastering British English Intonation

All aspects of British English Intonation

100+ pages of material

5+ Hours of Audio​

  • Comprehensive Intonation eBook & Audio
  • Personal help from ​EPR Coaches
    (see bonus below)
  • Consonants eBook & Audio
  • Vowels eBook & Audio
  • Discover & break your habits for every aspect of British English


Secure Payment + 60-Day Guarantee

3-in-1 Package

Train EVERY part of British English Pronunciation 

All aspects of British English Intonation

All 44 Consonant & Vowel sounds

​300+ pages of material

12+ Hours of Audio

  • Comprehensive Intonation eBook & Audio
  • Consonants eBook & Audio
  • Vowels eBook & Audio
  • Discover & break your habits for every aspect of British English
  • Personal help from Ashley
    (see bonus below)


Secure Payment + 60-Day Guarantee

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You'll also be able to connect with like-minded professionals and students ... all providing support and tips for the whole community.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions:

Why £14.95?

Is there a guarantee?

How long will it take to get access to the Pronunciation Roadmap Vowels eBook?

Here's what our Members say ...

"... my speech sounds natural and effortless now"

The book is very helpful!

I'm very lucky and grateful to have this book, you can't underestimate how useful it is.

Not only it helped me to reduce my accent but also it boosted my confidence while speaking. It also helped me to identify my weak sounds and work on them harder so my speech sounds natural and effortless now.

Big thank you to Ashley Howard and it was a pleasure working with you.

"Exactly what I was looking for."

Being a non-native English teacher, I constantly keep an eye on what the Net offers in terms of pronunciation. Therefore, over a decade or so, it has happened to me to come across several materials of good quality.

Yet, the products Ashley Howard develops outdo all the others for the simple reason that what underlies them is a strong clear-cut academic slant, nearly inexistent in most of the other stuff uploaded on YouTube on the same topic. By academic slant I basically mean the capacity of embracing a whole subject, dividing it into relevant chunks and teaching it in the most appropriate way.

Thank you very much, Ashley, for the HUGE WORK you are doing for us. This is exactly what I was looking for.

"Thank you!"

Thank you so much for the material, the ebook combined with the audio is very helpful!

I really enjoy it. Thank you again!

Alexandra Russian, Medical Researcher
Roberto Fabio Venchiarutti English Teacher
Benedetto Zurlo Actor, Italian

... and a few more:

Adriana Chef, Romanian

I'm very happy with your materials. I listen two-three times, I repeat after you and I try to remember the rules. Your lessons help me a lot.

Thank you very much indeed, I'm more confident now.

Dr Mahesh Jayaram Consultant Psychiatrist, Indian

The material is unique and very useful... the tips on tongue position and lips were easy, intuitive to learn and I feel they have made a massive difference... I feel my confidence whilst speaking has improved enormously... I’m impressed!

Alessandro S IBM Research, Italian

It is with no hesitation that I recommend Ashley as a voice coach.


We believe strongly that you'll love the training we have to offer. That's why we have a 100% 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, so there is no risk on your part.

You can take up to 60 days to explore the resources in this training, and if you decide it's not for you we will refund the full amount you paid for it.

No questions asked.

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