English Pronunciation Roadmap

Let me tell you EXACTLY what to focus on to change your pronunciation

I'll map out your journey.

The Personalised Assessment for Roadmap Members:

A Simple Way To Achieve Confident and Clear Speech Even Faster, Even If You're Struggling To Spare The Time


Is life getting in the way?

Are you not sure on where to start?

Yes, the English Pronunciation Roadmap is designed for you to discover your own speech habits and work on them independently. And if you have the time for this, it is certainly an enjoyable and rewarding process.

But perhaps you really don't have the time.

And perhaps you're afraid you won't be able to work on your accent without some extra help and guidance.

It's understandable - we all lead incredibly busy lives and everyone needs to ask for help sometimes!

What I'm saying is, this needn't hold you back - nor should you have to fork out a big sum of money to work on your pronunciation effectively.

A bespoke Accent Assessment from myself will give you the shortcut you're looking for, by letting me take care of the habit identification process for you.

If you simply send me some audio, reading out the material I provide, I can seriously accelerate the speed at which your speech develops:

  • You'll know which pages to go to in the book
  • I'll tell you what your specific habits are
  • I'll guide you directly to the exercises and sections that are relevant for you

Everything is laid out for you with page references and personalised tips.

Not only this, but I will give you your priority list of your Top 5 Sounds that I encourage you to start working on first for maximum impact on your voice.

If the EPR materials form the 'roadmap' of your accent journey, think of this as me taking the roadmap and driving you there myself.

...Picture yourself coming home from a busy day, and opening up the Roadmap materials knowing EXACTLY which page and section you need to look at first. Your objective will be clear - I've told you which exercise to start working on, and where to find it, so you can simply focus on the learning process.

...Imagine walking out of your front door that day, breathing in the fresh air, knowing precisely which sounds and which words to focus on in everyday communication (and more importantly, knowing how you will be working on that sound, according to your personal speech habits).

I have a decade of experience coaching native and non-native speakers in the Standard British Accent. Tap into my experienced ears: I've delivered thousands of hours of coaching, and will be able to hear exactly what you're doing differently, and how to change your habits.

It is with no hesitation that I recommend Ashley as a voice coach.

- Alessandro S, IBM Research, Italian

I really appreciated Ashley’s patience, professionalism and his work method ... I would definitely recommend Ashley as a coach.

- Rouguy, Pharmaceutical Industry, French

Working with him was an absolute life changer for me ... His expertise and passion for his work shines through at every level.

- Frances Alcock RGN BSc (Hons), Opals Funerals Ltd, regional British

A Personalised Assessment From Me Will:

  • Give you freedom to focus on ONLY the parts of the book that are relevant to you
  • Hold your hand through EVERY section: I cover your habits for consonants, vowels and intonation
  • Provide you with extra support: I'll prioritise your questions and answer them personally via email (or in the Community)
  • Establish your new habits in record time, so you can focus more on communication.

...And the Personalised Assessment you have provided me with, has been equally useful and very detailed. In terms of selfstudy, the combination of the English Pronunciation Roadmap PDF and the Personal Assessment PDF is, in my opinion, the best way to go about learning correct British English pronunciation on one's own.

Linda N
Foreign Language Correspondent, German

The tips on tongue position and lips were easy, intuitive to learn and I feel they have made a massive difference... I feel my confidence whilst speaking has improved enormously... I’m impressed!

Dr Mahesh Jayaram
Dr Mahesh Jayaram Consultant Psychiatrist, Indian

Here's What To Expect From Me:

Once I've received confirmation of payment, I'll send over a few materials I'd like you to record. You can then send those recordings over to me and I'll store them securely before I begin to assess your accent. Within 5 business days you'll receive the your very own...

Personalised Pronunciation Roadmap Assessment detailing:

  • Your Habits For EVERY Sound: Speed up the process by letting me tell you what you're doing differently
  • Which Exercises To Focus On: References to precisely which sections of the pack to refer to for your unique habits
  • Extra Bespoke Training: Additional exercises that I pick for you (not found in the Basic package)
  • Intonation Assessment: I listen to the unique melody, rhythm and tone of your voice and provide advice on how to transform it most quickly and effectively
  • What To Focus On First: I'll give you a 5-step Action Plan on what sounds and/or intonation patterns to focus on first for optimal development


As a BONUS to this, you'll also receive ...

Priority Support

I will prioritise your questions, answer them personally, and add them to the private Virtual Coach area


So, to have me coach you through all of the above would cost AT LEAST £600.

I've looked around and not only are there NO OTHER (let me know if you find any) detailed written assessments that go hand in hand with a coaching book but other verbal assessments usually cost between £69 and £300.

But for now you can purchase an Assessment (created by me personally) for only £59.95.

So for much less than the price of an average coaching session, you can have access to the kind of feedback and instruction you'd get from over 10 hours of personal coaching.

Now this price will increase with popularity (unfortunately I only have so many hours in the day! So this is a LIMITED service), so get it at this price now while you can.

Secure Order Form

  We use PayPal to ensure the best security is provided during payment.

I'm really excited to include this level of affordable personal help as part of what I offer.

So, let's get started with 'fast-tracking' your clear speech.

Click on the ADD TO CART button now.

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P.S. The Personalised Assessment, delivered by me personally and based on my thousands of hours of coaching experience, is likely to increase in price as popularity rises. You'll have access  to everything you need to dramatically speed up the changes in your speech habits - the same assessments and instruction that has transformed the speech of hundreds of previous clients. Availability for new assessments is currently OPEN, obtainable via secure PayPal payment on the next page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions...

  • q-iconWill I be able to ask you questions about my assessment?

    Absolutely. You'll have priority support in the Virtual Coach area of the website. Don't forget the support you can already receive from EPR coaches and everyone else over on the  'EPR Community' private Facebook group.

  • q-iconHow long will it take to get access to this Assessment?

    5 business days.


    That's once you've sent me the recordings I require (don't worry, it's not much - I'll email you all the details after payment has gone through).

  • q-iconWho does the assessment?

    The assessments are created personally by Ashley Howard (creator of English Pronunciation Roadmap).

  • q-iconWhat if I change my mind and need a refund?

    There is a 'cooling off period' after purchase, which means that you can obtain a refund up until the time you email me your recordings. You can take up to 60 days from purchase before you do so.

  • q-iconI'm not very technical - I'm not sure how to record my voice and send it to you.

    There are numerous ways to do this, and all you need these days is a smartphone or computer and some basic free software (which you usually will already have installed on your phone or computer).

    I'll be able to walk you through this if you need support.

    If we still can't work something out (though I'm certain we will), I will happily issue you a full and prompt refund.

Get Your Assessment Now While The Price Is Still Low...

Secure your assessment now and receive:

  • A sound-by-sound breakdown of ALL your speech habits
  • Directions to precisely the right sections of the pack you need to look at
  • Bespoke techniques and exercises not found in the basic EPR pack
  • Sent directly to you within a few days after receipt of recordings
  • 60-day money back guarantee if you haven't yet sent me the recordings

... all for just £59.95. Click the 'Add To Cart' button now for INSTANT ACCESS!