How To Speak English Fluently And Confidently

By Ashley | Clarity

Apr 10

Do you know how to speak English fluently and confidently? Do you want to know how to speak English fluently and confidently? The biggest challenge is actually getting started, and started with the right guide. I'm going to show you exactly how to get started (for FREE!) and what is going to help you to learn how to speak English fluently and confidently.

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5 Day Course - Consonants

5 Day Course - Vowels

Habit Breaker - Consonants

Habit Breaker - Vowels

How To Speak English Fluently And Confidently

Hi, my name is Ashley Howard, and I'm the creator of and for the last 10 years I've been helping non native speakers to speak British English more confidently and with more clarity. And an age old question that I'm always asked is 'how do I get started, how do I work on my speech and my pronunciation and intonation?' because they want to know how to speak english fluently and confidently.

And so I created this wonderful 5 day audio mini course, it's completely free and you can download it from my website, and it gets to the heart of some of the most crucial elements of pronunciation in British English and it'll really get you started so let's take a look I'm going to show you round, so...

It can be a PDFs download that you can download and then download the audio with it or you can download it as an embedded e-book which you can use on most mobile devices, both iPhone and HTC and it'll have the embedded audio in it, but this is how it looks in the pdf so here is your 5day audio mini course, and it focuses on the 5 most commonly mispronounced consonant sounds, the z, the r, the ng, the th and the h and I've found in the last 10 years that these 5 sounds are the 5 sounds that really hold people back in terms of speaking British English with clarity and confidence.

However, there's also a 5 day audio course for the 5 most commonly mispronounced vowel sounds, which are ee, er, ar, or and oo and it's really great, and they're both identical but they focus on these 10 very different sounds. So let's have a look in the 5 day course for consonants.

So, for instance, day 1 looks a little bit like this- you focus on the ng sound, which is a sound that a lot of people struggle with and there's audio that you can download and if you've downloaded this as an embedded e-book then that'll be there and you can click that, and I'll show you that in a second, there's the phonetic symbol which some people like to refer to, there's also a picture which is very useful and a description about how to make the sound.

But if you're more of a visual learner them you can click here which will take you to my website and it'll show you a video about how to make the sound. There's some music at the beginning so just ignore that, just a little bit of funky intro music... And that'll take you through all of the nuts and bolts about how to pronounce that sound, and then once you're clear about how to pronounce the sound there are some common words that you can work on and typical spellings, and that's really quite important because spelling has a huge impact in terms of pronunciation.

And then some practice phrases, and then the 'today's 5 words'- so that's a technique that I came up with- a lot of people struggled to really have to think about all of those words that contained that specific vowel or consonant- instead I said, well why not focus on just 5 for that day, or for that week, and that way you won't have to think about every single word but you can just focus on those 5 key words and then maybe next week or tomorrow you can focus on another 5 key words.

And then day 2 focuses on the th sound which again is quite an influential sound, how to make it, there's another video, common words and typical spellings, practice phrases, and there's a, day 3 is for the h, day 4 is for the r and day 5 is for the z. So, that's a really great resource and you can download that on my website and, where's that, here on my website '' -it's the 5 day audio mini course- I'm going to give you a link at the end of this video so you can go there directly and download it, completely free, just put your details in, select your language and then download the course.

But the step up from that, and this is where we really get serious and really get motivated and we can really change your pronunciation, is something called 'The Habit Breaker' which has really been a game changer for so many of my students, and it takes those 5 commonly mispronounced consonant sounds, and again there's one for the vowel sounds, and it tells you how to identify your habit and then how to break that habit. This is for those who seriously want to know how to speak english fluently and confidently.

So, it goes through this 4 step plan: step 1 'what do I already know about how to make the sound, 'what is my habit', 'how do I change my habit' (step 3) and step 4 is 'practice practice practice', and here there are also some coloured icons which is really great because it'll tell you how long to set aside to work on that sound, it'll tell you how to be guided in that section to the relevant parts that apply to you, and then some audio icons and also when to record yourself which is a great strategy, so here's what one of those work days looks like- so I've suggested you set aside 3 days to be thinking about the ng, and again it goes through how to make the sound, but step 2 is 'what is my habit', and it'll take you through all of the various and most typical habits that I've experienced from working with thousands of people that I've worked with over the last ten years.

And once you've identified your habit, so here, for instance, if you're replacing an 'ng' with an 'n' sound it'll tell you why you're doing that and what it might sound like and then it'll show you this green icon, and if you scroll down to the next section 'how do I change my habit' you're looking out on the left hand side for that same green icon and there it is, and it'll tell you 'how do I avoid replacing an ng with an n sound in ing suffixes' and it'll tell you how to do it and how to practice it.

And then right at the end, step 4 is ' practice practice practice' which is the most important part and it'll give you some practice words, typical spellings and some practice sentences. And that's what each of these sections looks like so day 4-6 focuses on the 'th' sound, and it focuses on all of those various consonant sounds and as I said there's one for the vowels as well and if you do download this as an e-book, either the 5 day audio course or 'the Habit Breaker' then you'll be able, on you're mobile device, on your phone, or your iPad or tablet, to click, there you go you can click the audio and you can hear all of the audio for each sound and it'll give you the words...

So it's really great, so all you need to do is have this on your mobile or on your device and you'll be able to listen and start working on your pronunciation. So I hope that's really useful. In the top right hand corner in a moment there's going to be some links where you can get hold of both of these, and I hope to hear from you soon. And if you know someone who wants to know how to speak english fluently and confidently, please share this post!

Got a specific challenge with pronunciation or intonation in British English? Click on the link below and let me know what is your #1 Struggle with British English Pronunciation and I help you out.

How To Speak English Fluently And Confidently

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