How To Pronounce NG In A Standard British English Accent

By Ashley | How To Pronounce

Dec 13

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How To... In 2 Minutes - part of the British Pronunciation Guide Mini Series

I've created a mini series of 2 minute videos on how to pronounce the most commonly mispronounced vowels and consonants in British English. And this video focuses on the NG sound.

For the NG sound the back of the tongue is raised in the back of your mouth touching your soft palate. The jaw is relaxed, the teeth and the lips are loosely are apart. The sound is voiced and travels up through your throat and exclusively out through your nose, so it’s a nasal consonant.

It’s typically represented by an ‘ng’ but the g isn’t pronounced.



Try these:

  • hang rung ring sang sing song thing king
  • emailing asking eating sleeping writing reading speaking
  • I was speaking to him earlier
  • I was asking him whether he’d like to come
  • I’ve been calling for ages


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So, that's how to pronounce the NG. If you found that useful, then see below for links to more videos in this ‘How To… In 2 Minutes’ series. They help you with the most commonly mispronounced consonant sounds in standard British English. And they get straight to the point. Click on those and have a look.

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