Steal 11 Crucial English Pronunciation Lessons

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Dec 06

Before I reveal these 11 English pronunciation lessons, let me share this with you - I found this AMAZING video about a polyglot who speak 11 languages! Yes, 11 languages!

Moreover, he reveals some of his most impactful lessons learned on his journey - and they are PERFECT for anyone who changing their speech, pronunciation or accent.

So WATCH the video, and then SCROLL DOWN and I ‘REFRAME’ each of his 11 lessons and share what you can takeaway and apply immediately - enjoy!

How Learning 11 Languages Taught Me 11 Crucial Lessons

And here's the BLOG POST revealing his 11 Crucial Lessons.

Lesson 1

"Languages cannot be taught, they can only be learned. Having someone or something to aid with the process is of great benefit. Find a guide, not an instructor.”


You can be SHOWN how to change or modify your speech or pronunciation, but being helped to DISCOVER your habits and a way to change them is a much deeper and long-lasting way to learn.

Lesson 2

"A language is a door to an entire world which is wholly worth exploring. So let your guard down and fall in love! With the language, with the country, with a person, or even with the food. There’s no greater motivation!”


TOTAL IMMERSION of the sounds, the intonation and the way that the speakers whom you admire communicate themselves emotionally, intellectually and physically, helps to build a living, breathing, thinking person and not just a robot that wears their new speaking skills like a badge!

Lesson 3

"If you find a method you like and which works for you, you can start learning any language by yourself. There is no one best method to learn a language. Find something that is effective for you. And above all, experiment!”


Go hunt for some guidance. Look high and low. Check out the reviews, see what their community has to say, go with your instinct and commit to something. But, remember that any method worth its salt should always aim to make itself redundant and empower you with the skills you need to effectively become your own coach. #lifelonglearning

Lesson 4

"Language learning offers you profound insights into your own, native language. If you learn a language similar to yours, speak it from the beginning. It’s easier than you perhaps imagine.”


Avoid thinking that the new is GOOD and the old is BAD. Learning something new is only possible through awareness of the old. Make comparisons between your old speech habits or accent characteristics and the new ones - this will help you to crack the code and get things moving forward.

Lesson 5

"There is no such thing as a useless language. They will all come in handy sooner or later, so don’t let others determine what you learn. Allow yourself to be guided by your own interests and convictions.”


It’s your life, so live it the way you choose! Speech and accent are very powerful things and changing them can be very exposing. But if you feel that it’s what you want for yourself, don’t let anyone else, including your own doubt or fear, dissuade you from biting the bullet and taking the next step.

Lesson 6

"Start working on pronunciation from the very beginning to avoid developing bad habits. Be flexible. If a language has an idiosyncratic feature, work on it more from the start.”


Start with the most obvious and most noticeable aspects of your speech or pronunciation. Get your ‘geek on’ - find out everything you can about those features, and then practice all the time.

Lesson 7

"If you are about to give up on a language, actively search for something that reignites your desire to learn. Go to the country, meet someone, watch a movie, make a YouTube video. Anything goes.”


No matter how successful, all learners hit a wall and get disheartened. It’s a bit like a game of snakes and ladders - you might have gone a whole month without being asked to repeat yourself or asked where you’re from, and then it comes out of the blue and BAM! So go get re-energised! Motivation can come in the most unexpected forms - digging out your first book in English, a character from a film, a newsreader, public speaker, a friend or colleague, even a song, a picture, a postcard, a holiday memory, etc, etc… Just get inspired again!

Lesson 8

"You can learn two languages at the same time provided that you organise your time and energy well.”


time will always be a major issue for most learners, and the only answer is to evaluate whether this is something that you really want, and if it is, then you have to PRIORITISE. It’s that simple. Put it in your diary (if you’re one of those people) and set aside even just 5 mins as many times as you can in your week to check-in and get re-focused.

Lesson 9

"Travel is a truly great motivator. Travel as much as you can, whenever you can. It will open doors and push you to learn languages.”


If you don’t live in England, then come visit, if you do, surround yourself with things that make you speak in the way you want to speak - films, books, music, places, people… feeling surrounded by the things that make you think in the way you want to speak, will actually help you speak in the way that you want to speak.

Lesson 10

"Don’t be intimidated by a language’s reputation.”


all things come with associations and everyone has very strong opinions. Once you get over those potential limitations and commit to changing your habits, at first, it may seem like a very big mountain to climb. Taking someone with you on the journey is always much more rewarding, and getting a guide might make it feel a little less daunting and make the journey a bit quicker.

Lesson 11

"Some languages have completely new features, so be flexible and adapt your learning method to the language. If your approach is not working, change it! Don’t give up. Don’t give in.”


Keep focused on your goal, and if you wobble, and come up against a bit of brick wall, then take a breath, go and make a cup of tea, sleep on it, and in a couple of days, you might see the challenge from a fresh perfective and solve the problem with a different approach.

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