Common Phrases in English

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May 02

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Common Phrases in English

Everybody makes mistakes sometimes. And when it happens we need a phrase to tell the other person how sorry we are and stop them feeling frustrated or getting angry. Here are the top ten phrases in English but I'm going to focus on British English pronunciation, stress and intonation. And listen carefully in phrase nine, because I reveal a secret that will really improve your fluency.


1 Sorry.
2 I'm (so / very / terribly) sorry.
3 Ever so sorry.
4 How stupid / careless / thoughtless of me.
5 Pardon (me)
6 That's my fault.
7 Sorry. It was all my fault.
8 Please excuse my (ignorance)
9 Please don't be mad at me.
10 Please accept our (sincerest) apologies.

So, I hope that answers the question about the common phrases in English. But, do you want to start working on your pronunciation? Click on any of the free training resources below to get you started:

common phrases in English    common phrases in English   common phrases in English

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common phrases in English

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