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Mar 26

Intonation Patterns in English

By Ashley | Weekly Posts

What are the intonation patterns in English?​ Just before I tell you how, click below... JOIN the LIVE WORKSHOP Did you know that sounding like a native English speaker is as much to do with pronunciation and it is to do with intonation? Find out the one crucial aspect of intonation that will increase your […]

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Jan 10

How To Pronounce Z In A Standard British English Accent

By Ashley | How To Pronounce , Uncategorized , Weekly Posts

I've created a mini series of 2 minute videos on how to pronounce the most commonly mispronounced vowels and consonants in British English. And this video focuses on the Z sound.

So, how to pronounce Z?

Well the Z can be made in slightly different ways all with slightly different qualities. One of the most typical ways is to make a narrow groove between what's called ...

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