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Pronunciation for the IELTS speaking test

how to prepare for ielts speaking test

How to pronounce English consonants


how to pronounce english consonants

What is a homophone?


what is a homophone

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I'm very lucky and grateful to have Ashley's pronunciation eBook , you can't underestimate how useful it is. Not only it helped me to reduce my accent but also it boosted my confidence while speaking. It also helped me to identify my week sounds and work on them harder so my speech sounds natural and effortless now. Big thank you to Ashley Howard!


Alexandra, Russian, Medical Research

Thank you very much. You're simply great. Thanks so much for all this precious work. That's exactly what I was looking for!


Roberto, Italian, Teacher of English

Thank you so much for the material, the ebook combined with the audio is very helpful!

I really enjoy it. Thank you again!

Benedetto, Italian, Actor

Alexandra, Roberto and Benedetto got this:

English pronunciation

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British English Pronunciation

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British English Pronunciation

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