Dec 12

The ULTIMATE British Pronunciation Test

By Ashley | Uncategorized

If English is your second language, I CHALLENGE you to get 100% in the British Pronunciation test below! Be warned, the maze of the English language is full of dead-ends and hidden traps ... If you've spent any time in an English-speaking country that isn't your own, you know how difficult the pronunciation can be. And if you choose to […]

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Nov 28

To People Who Want To Increase Their English Vocabulary But Can't Get Started!

By Ashley | Uncategorized , Weekly Posts

Did you know that there’s another way to increase your vocabulary other than reading a dictionary? Word Perfect English have a ‘perfect’ solution that will get you using new language quickly and easily. Here are my suggested TOP 3 Vocabulary Building Resources. Aside from questions about pronunciation, intonation and effective communication in British English, one […]

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