Jun 26

Join Our Summer Intonation Workshop!

By Paul Baston | Uncategorized

Ashley and Paul are back...You may have been wondering about the radio silence from English Pronunciation Roadmap's blog...Well to reassure you, we are very much still alive  🙂We've just been ... rather busy! More on that soon.But first of all, we're launching a brand new training that will give more people access to personal help & […]

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Aug 29

When is S pronounced as Z?

By Ashley |

So when is S pronounced as Z? Do you know? There are some really simple rules. Check this out:   Find out more about our Pronunciation Masterclass by clicking here. SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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Aug 22

How to pronounce Yoke, Joke and York

By Ashley | Uncategorized

How do you pronounce Yoke, Joke and York in British English? One of the exclusive Pronunciation Masterclass members asked this question in last weeks live session. This week's WOTW video is actually a 'preview clip' from that very lesson, where Ashley guides them through this question step by step.   Find out more about our […]

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