Jun 26

Join Our Summer Intonation Workshop!

By Paul Baston | Uncategorized

Ashley and Paul are back...

You may have been wondering about the radio silence from English Pronunciation Roadmap's blog...

Well to reassure you, we are very much still alive

We've just been ... rather busy! More on that soon.

But first of all, we're launching
 a brand new training that will give more people access to personal help & feedback than ever before...

Curious? Read on!

Get Personal Feedback With Our Summer Intonation Workshop

Tutorial videos are great...

But there's nothing quite like learning & transforming your speech by working in dialogue with a real expert.

Sometimes the best insights come from conversations, from person-to-person contact.

Especially live, 1-on-1 coaching.

But that's pretty expensive and time-consuming for a lot of people.

So we want to make you an offer for the Summer. A way to get personal feedback on your speech to take you further forward in your confidence speaking English.

In short, here's what we're offering:

1. Watch EPR Co-Founder Ashley Howard in a recorded 1-to-1 coaching session.

He'll guide his student – and you – through the most important aspects of English Intonation.

You'll observe how he helps the student improve in confidence.

(in the last 12+ years Ashley has clocked literally thousands of hours of coaching people just like you.)

2. Get your burning questions answered 

...in a live/recorded Q&A session with Ashley

3. Submit your recording for personal spoken feedback

from Ashley or Paul (EPR Co-Founders).

What's Covered In The Class?

It's based on the 3 Core Foundations of English Intonation that Ashley started developing in 2006.

Since then, he's had almost 10,000 students go through his training (don’t worry, it’s been updated many times over the years!)

And these 3 Core Foundations have been tested in hundreds of languages all over the world.

So what are they?

Core Foundation 1 - The Song of English

This is all about how to use the pitch of your voice not just correctly, but with impact too.

Ashley will also reveal the top stress patterns that so many non-native speakers struggle with.

Core Foundation 2 - The Mountain Peak and Silent Valleys

In this part of the class, Ashley will teach his student (and you!) how to choose which word to stress in a sentence. It's all about breaking down language into 'chunks' of speech - done correctly, this can be really empowering.

Many speakers do this ineffectively, and it can lead to headaches and frustration. Ashley will guide you through how to approach this process in a way that's simple but effective.

He'll also show you when not to worry about stress – in many cases you DO stress the correct words already, and you'll discover why this is.

Core Foundation 3 - The Resting Rhythm

You've probably noticed that English has a very particular rhythm to it, but it's very hard to describe.

And even harder to emulate, right?

That's what the Resting Rhythm is all about. You'll find out how to use it in your next English conversation.

Tying Things Together

The real magic is in how each of these Core Foundations interacts with the other, how one complements the other to make your intonation sound and feel more natural and authentic.

– –

For this level of personal help, you'd normally need to pay an experienced coach over £100.

But we are offering this at a tiny fraction of the cost of personal coaching.

If you want to start sounding and feeling natural when you speak English, this special class is for you.

How To Get Access To The Class, Q&A and Personal Feedback?

First of all, to be clear, everyone who signs up for the class will receive personal feedback.

But also:

One lucky student will be coached 1-to-1 by Ashley.

If you're chosen, we'll record the session and it'll be available to watch by the other members (no-one else).

One Lucky Member Gets Coached ... Everyone Gets Personal Feedback

We want everyone in the community to benefit from this live coaching session (because the content is super relevant – irrespective of ability or first language).

So here's what will happen:


Anyone who is interested pays just £9.90 to join. It's a one-time payment.


Once registration closes, we’ll announce the lucky member who is going to be coached. If it's you, we'll be in touch to arrange a session at a time that suits you and Ashley. This person will also get access to the Roadmap Training & audio

(don't worry – if you aren't the lucky student, we'll still provide full learning materials for the topics covered in the class)


The coaching session will be recorded and uploaded to a private, members-only page on our website.  Members of the private community can watch on-demand.


Get access to a Live Q&A. After the class, Ashley will hold an 'ask me anything' Q&A session to help with any questions or difficulties you have after watching the class. Don't worry – if you miss it and still have a question, you can post it in the community and we'll respond. The Q&A will be recorded and available in the private community.


EVERYONE gets personal feedback!

Once the class and Q&A are over, you'll have the chance to send in a recording of yourself speaking out some of the material covered in the class. 

Submit it privately via our website and in return you'll receive recorded, completely personalised feedback from one of the Co-Founders (Ashley or Paul).

Your coach will record themselves listening to your recording & giving feedback and guidance. Then they'll send your ‘feedback audio' directly to you with actionable next steps to get more clear & natural in English.

Why £9.90?

We could be charging over £100 for this class.

Ashley and Paul’s time is very valuable and limited. One-to-one coaching, plus the materials, plus the QnA, plus personal feedback is a hugely generous offer.

It's our way of helping as many people as possible ...whilst covering our costs. 

Paying the £9.90 simply covers the time we'll spend making your personal feedback recording.

But luckily for you, paying £9.90 means you get all of this:

  • Personalised Feedback based on your voice, your habits – no one else
  •  A Members-Only Recording of the Coaching Session to watch on-demand
  • Live & Recorded Q&A Session with Ashley
  • Private Community to get your burning questions answered by an expert coach
  • Bonus Materials so you can practice the topics covered in the session and really start changing your speech for the long term.

Anything Else?

​What if I don't want to be coached?

If you get chosen and you would rather just watch and learn instead, no problem: we’ll just choose another lucky member.

I want a longer course – are you planning on extending this ...and can I get a discount?

Yes, we’re thinking of running this as a longer coaching course later this year.

So if you sign up to this, we’ll give you a special discount code for the bigger course.

Places Are LIMITED

As we're sure you'll understand, we can't offer this much personal help to our thousands of subscribers.

So if you're considering it, we encourage you to take the plunge and secure your place today.

If you’re feeling stuck and need a bit of motivation,

... or feel enthusiastic and want to kick start your English accent journey,

(and simply want to dig deeper and get even better than you already are)...

... then join this class for what is the same price as a couple of coffees and piece of cake.

Click the link below – we'll see you inside!

Speak soon,

Ashley & Paul

P.S. Remember we will be limiting spots for this class, so get in there soon if you're interested:

Oct 15

Pronunciation Tips Series #2 Words Ending ‘-tain'

By Ashley | Uncategorized

Ever thought about the ends of these words?

'-tain' may not be as simple as you think.

What about 'captain', 'mountain' and 'fountain'?

​They are different to 'certain' and 'curtain'.

Which are different again to words like 'contain' and 'sustain'.

You see?

And are you using your own language as a reference?

It's what a Turkish client of mine was doing. The word 'captain' in Turkish is 'captan'. She was using the pronunciation of the vowels in the Turkish word in the English word - which seldom works!

Watch the video above to correct your pronunciation of '-tain' word ending.

May 01

Stress Timing in English Sentences

By Ashley | Uncategorized

This is a real coaching session with a non-native English speaker who wants help to learn British English pronunciation and intonation.

We focused on stress timing in English sentences, which can be difficult for a lot of non-native speakers, especially those from the Indian sub-continent, Africa, Spain, France and many others.

stress timing in english sentences

She won this month's coaching contest, so she received this free one-to-one Skype coaching session, our Complete Pronunciation Roadmap training with 12 hours of audio and access to our private Facebook group where she'll get extra help and support from other and the community.

To be in with a chance this month, sign up here:

Mar 07

Want to win a FREE one-to-one accent reduction class?

By Ashley | Uncategorized

Click the button below to get started:

Why We're Giving Away One Accent Reduction Class Every Month

Hey, I know it’s been a long time, but we never really went away, we just wanted some time to think about how to make what we offer even better and more useful for you.

So, watch the video above or read on...

Every month, one of you lovely people get a chance to have a one-to-one video Skype call with me, Ashley or Paul co-founder of English Pronunciation Roadmap. It's a free accent reduction class just for you!

The Skype call is completely FREE and focuses on your #1 QUESTION about British English pronunciation or intonation.

So what’s holding you back when you speak? What do you find most frustrating, or what are you just really curious about?

Wouldn’t it be great for us to guide you personally?

Well one person every month will get the chance to do just that.

Plus, that person gets a FREE copy of our complete Pronunciation Roadmap training which covers every aspect of British pronunciation and intonation and comes with 12hrs of audio and access to personal help in our Private Facebook group AND 1 month free trial of our live and interactive Pronunciation Masterclass.

So why are we doing this? Well with YouTube and the internet, there’s so much knowledge and information out there, and it can be a bit overwhelming. We’ve released hundred of videos ourselves, and whilst these are very useful and valuable,  we want to help people in a way that’s much more of a 2-way conversation.

So here’s  an opportunity for you to get real, one-to-one guidance & insight to help you move forwards and make progress with your pronunciation.

And we’re offering one lucky subscriber an opportunity to win all this every single month.

It couldn’t be simpler. You just click this link, submit your name, email and your #1 Question and we’ll announce the winner via email at the end of every month. And if you don’t win, you’ll roll over into the next month to be in with another chance.

All we ask for, is that we can video record just a little bit of the coaching and share it here on youtube and our blog. Because what better way to help everyone learn than by seeing a real non-native speaker, just like yourself, overcome a frustrating problem in their speech. We’ll only record a few minutes, and the spotlight is on us and how we help you, not on you being coached. Then we’ll ‘stop the tape’, and the rest of the time will be just like a private session.

So click the button above, submit your name, email and your #1 Question and we’ll announce the winner soon.

Good luck!

Ashley & Paul

Aug 29

When is S pronounced as Z?

By Ashley |

So when is S pronounced as Z?

Do you know?

There are some really simple rules.

Check this out:


Find out more about our Pronunciation Masterclass by clicking here.





Aug 22

How to pronounce Yoke, Joke and York

By Ashley | Uncategorized

How do you pronounce Yoke, Joke and York in British English?

One of the exclusive Pronunciation Masterclass members asked this question in last weeks live session.

This week's WOTW video is actually a 'preview clip' from that very lesson, where Ashley guides them through this question step by step.


Find out more about our Pronunciation Masterclass by clicking here.




Aug 22

How To Pronounce AE

By Ashley |

English Spelling - How to pronounce AE

English spelling can be a nightmare!

I'm going change that.

Over the next however many weeks, I'm going to walk you step by step through English spelling and pronunciation. Here's the next episode on how to pronounce ae.

And if you missed it, last week I covered 'aw'. Watch it here.

Join me for a live and interactive lesson with some one-to-one coaching every Thursday at 8pm London Time:

Find out more about our Pronunciation Masterclass by clicking here.


Aug 14

How To Pronounce AW

By Ashley | Uncategorized

English Spelling - How to pronounce AW

English spelling can be a nightmare!

I'm going change that.

Over the next however many weeks, I'm going to walk you step by step through English spelling and pronunciation. Here's the second on how to pronounce aw.

And if you missed it, last week I covered 'ai'. Watch it here.

Aug 06

English Stress Shift in 'Afternoon!' vs. 'Good Afternoon!'

By Ashley | Word Of The Week

How do you greet someone in the afternoon?

"AFternoon ... afterNOON ... GOOD afternoon ... good afterNOON ... good AFternoon ..."

Confused yet?

One of our Masterclass students, Stella, asked about the 'stress shift' in this greeting. This week's WOTW video is actually a 'preview clip' from that very lesson, where Ashley guides her through it step by step.

Look out, because the stress will vary according to who speaks first!

Find out more about our Pronunciation Masterclass by clicking here.


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