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I’m Ashley Howard, Co-Founder of English Pronunciation Roadmap... Videos, eBooks and eCourses used by hundreds and hundreds of people from all sorts of nationalities and walks of life enabling them to speak and pronounce English with more clarity, confidence and ease. The impact has been phenomenal…my students and clients have experienced real transformation and realised their ambitions. Along the way, I’ve coached or helped all kinds of individuals: CEOs, Senior Executives, Judges, Lawyers, Academics, Teachers, Researchers, Scientists, Doctors, Consultants, Politicians, Public Speakers, Actors, Architects, Builders, Plumbers and Carpenters and dozens more — but I get most excited about those that I’ve helped to become self-assured and able to have a conversations where they are understood first time and the focus is on content instead of accent.

What Do English Pronunciation Roadmap Members Say?

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you over the last few months to enhance my speaking capabilities and modulate my accent. I was quite impressed by your professionalism right from the start. I found the reading material you sent quite unique and very useful throughout the lessons we had. Your ability to pick up tone, position of the tongue, pitch and melody was extremely useful as you were able to spot straight away where I was struggling and help me really quickly. I also found your tips on the tongue position and teeth positions on the lips easy, intuitive to learn and feel they have made a massive difference. I feel overall my public speaking and confidence whilst speaking to larger audiences has improved enormously. I do understand that I may require to do some further work when I have more time and it would be a delight to work with you again. Also happy to talk to your potential future clients to give feedback if you wish for me to do so.

Dr Mahesh Jayaram, Consultant Psychiatrist, Indian

Ashley has coached me for over 20 skype sessions. I've sought the help of a professional voice coach because I wanted to get rid of my native accent. We have started from the basic sounds of the english language, followed by words, sentences, intonation and stress. Every step of the way, Ashley was able to point out mistakes, sometimes very subtle ones, (I was often surprised by his ability to detect them over skype!) and make me understand how to produce the correct sounds and intonation. The quality of the material is great and still allows me to practice on my own. I have found our sessions extremely helpful (and entertaining). It is with no hesitation that I recommend Ashley as a voice coach.

Alessandro S, IBM Research, Italian

Before I met Ashley my French accent was very strong and my pronunciation in English was  rough. After identifying my weakness, we first went through the basics which are the consonants and the  vowels.  Then we worked on the intonations.  These make me realize and understand  how rich, technical and  subtle is English. I really appreciated Ashley’s patience, professionalism and his work method. After a year of lessons, well my accent is still there. Accent doesn’t just disappear like that!!But my pronunciation is much better and I gained more confidence. I would definitely recommend Ashley as a coach.

Rouguy, Pharmaceutical Industry, French

Within 5 minutes of meeting Ashley he gave me the self belief that I would and could become an authentic public speaker. Working with him was an absolute life changer for me on a personal level and my business venture. He gave me the tools to find the courage within me to believe in myself, something I hadn’t done for several decades. His expertise and passion for his work shines through at every level.

Frances Alcock RGN BSc (Hons), Opals Funerals Ltd, regional British

After a few months in the UK, I felt the need to improve my accent in order to communicate more clearly and with more confidence. I also wanted to improve my understanding of the subtleties of spoken British English. Ashley's lessons were always very well organized and structured. He's as professional as friendly, which I found very helpful to keep my motivation. We covered the basics of pronunciation and more advanced aspects of intonation and fluency. The lessons were paced to meet my needs and always interesting and pleasant. Since the first lesson I noticed progress in my listening comprehension and in the clarity of my communication. I am now much more able to control my speech and to speak in public with confidence.  My ability to recognize regional accents across the UK also remarkably improved, thus contributing to make me feel more integrated in the British society.

Laura, Graduate Student, Italian

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